Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008... A year that was!!!

Hi Guys and Gals...

Welcome once again.. Already public demands coming up... people finding out THEY CANNOT watch the video in full screen... So put up the video both on youtube and Rapidshare. Please download at freewill... Comments BEKU!!! :)

here's the rapidshare link:

and youtube lovers:

Welcome 2009 :)

Well folks, 2008 was a rocking fabulous OUTGOING year... Thought of including the thoughts I had ... the wonderful moments I had with my Blog. And the best way to share the moments??? Yes, with the snaps :)

I Share with you a Compilation of all the memories, and beautiful moments of 2008! And also, Inaugrate my blog... Bloggersparadise :)
Wishing all of you A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!